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Unlocking High ROI Potential in Real Estate: Plenteous Capital specializes in off-market properties with unparalleled market insight and rigorous due diligence for exceptional returns.


Who We Are

We are an investment firm located in South Carolina. We focus on commercial and residential real estate and plan to expand into the southeast United States. Plenteous Capital holds itself to the highest standard in the industry and produces world-class ROI’s on its investments.

Plenteous Capital targets off-market properties in South Carolina with high ROI potential. Its deep market understanding and diverse knowledge of all phases of real estate investing allow Plenteous Capital to see opportunities where others don’t and add value. Plenteous Capital takes each property through a rigorous due diligence process to ensure that it will return a world-class ROI.

The Team


Wesley Shebs


Anthony Shebs

How We Invest

Short-term Real Estate (Residential and Commercial) Plenteous Capital targets 30% ROI or higher returns on short-term investments with a year or less hold time.

Long-term Real State (Residential and commercial) Plenteous Capital targets long-term hold investments with an 18% ROI or higher for the lifetime of the investment

Our Metrics


AUM that’s 100% owned by Plenteous Capital.


Over $200M of properties sourced, funded and closed by Plenteous Capital in the last 6 years.


Year to date Plenteous Capital has had a ROI of 55% on short term investments.

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Plenteous Capital always has room for driven acquisition specialists or analysts. A bachelor’s degree in business or finance is required.

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