The thoughts of the dilligent tend only to plenteousness.

Proverbs 21:5

Our Divisions


How We Invest

Real Estate

Our goal is to invest in growing markets in the Southeast. We purchase, develop, and manage residential and commercial real estate with the aim of creating attractive and inviting properties to increase their market value.

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We believe incredible people are the foundation to any successful company. That is why we hire the best and provide the training, support, and environment they need to thrive, both professionally and personally. If you’re driven and love the pursuit of the exceptional, you may want to learn more about our culture, values and opportunities.

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Businesses & Ideas

Plenteous partners with innovators and entrepreneurs to create solutions that make a difference. As naive as it may sound, we believe that good business can make a better world.

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Join Our Team

If you’re drawn to a company that values not just the bottom line but the broader impact of its investments, Plenteous invites you to learn more about our unique approach. Discover how you can be part of our plan for success in real estate and beyond.

At Plenteous, we’re not just building investments. We’re cultivating a legacy of impact. If our mission or methods resonate with you, let’s align our mission.

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